Why Work With Eli

Why Work With EliSelling or purchasing real estate will likely be the most expensive transaction of your life. Having a qualified professional representing your best interests is crucial. While the real estate industry is saturated with competition, Eli excels in the following areas which are needed to successfully navigate each transaction:

DEDICATION: When working with Eli, you can be assured that your best interests are being protected. Aside from implementing all fiduciary responsibilities, Eli will go above and beyond to meet his client’s needs. When working with buyers in a low-inventory market, Eli will cold call, send out professional mailings, contact off-market properties, and network in order to find that dream home. This is especially valuable for investors, since the best investment properties are usually the ones that never go on the market. When working with sellers, besides for listing on the MLS, Eli utilizes technology and implements powerful marketing campaigns to get each property the most exposure and traffic.

COMMUNICATION: A lack of communication can quickly dissolve any deal. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to reach an agent with a slow response time. Eli makes communication a priority with each client. When working with Eli, you can always reach him by his cell phone, text message, or email and expect a quick response.

COORDINATION: Each real estate deal involves numerous people, tasks, and deadlines. Missing a deadline can be a deal-breaker and a costly mistake. Eli takes pride in being a skilled coordinator. He is in constant communication with individuals on both sides of the transaction and he stays on top of all deadlines. Eli also has a large network of professionals he can recommend if needed.

NEGOTIATION: How much is my property worth? Am I overpaying? How much should I offer? These are just a couple of the many questions all sellers and buyers have at some point. Knowing how to negotiate is a crucial skill that Eli has mastered. Negotiating can be tense, and if done incorrectly can sabotage a deal. Eli knows how to keep negotiations pleasant while making sure to secure the best deal for his client. He will explain how to price a property, highlight if and why it is overpriced or underpriced, and strategize on how to negotiate.