The Hottest Neighborhood In The Country Is…

Historic homes in Chicago

Big new just in for Chicago!  Aside from being an amazing city with awesome restaurants, cafe’s, sports teams (sometimes), landmarks, and a rich history, a bold prediction was just made about a hot neighborhood in the city.  RedFin just predicted that Ukranian Village will be the countries hottest real estate market in 2016. Ukranian Village is a neighborhood in Chicago with street boundaries of Division (N), Grand (S), Western (W), and Damen (E).

The article goes on to explain that some of they key criteria to a hot neighborhood are easy access to public transportation, affordability, and charm.  Real estate in neighborhoods that are growing with restaurants, cafes,  and nightlife sometimes sky rocket thus pricing out many buyers.  Ukranian Village is one of the few architectural rich neighborhoods where the community is thriving and growing with stores, restaurants, and businesses yet is still affordable.

RedFin’s criteria was based on the recent growth of page views and favorites on their website

Other thriving neighborhoods in Chicago that were listed in the article are the West Loop and East Village.

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