How We Can Assist

How Can We Assist?Multi-family investments are one of the most competitive markets within real estate. The best investment properties are usually the ones that never go on the market.

At RK Realty Chicago, we will work around the clock to find that off market deal. We have access to search tools that assist with:

  • Pinpointing distressed properties
  • Narrowing down properties by desired number of units and building size
  • Identifying buildings by annual taxes and property exemptions
  • Strategizing a criteria based on the sale date and price, zoning, school district, and land use

There is no such thing as a risk-free investment. However, the risk could be reduced with proper analysis and examination. Knowing the capitalization rate, net operating income, gross rent multiplier, and LTV are just a couple of the many calculations needed to make an informed decision. Our agents have a thorough understanding of what each calculation means and how to evaluate the results.